Posted by: gtemplates | February 28, 2009 Brings Newspaper Templates Only

Completely dedicated to free newspapers and magazines templates for the public, might just be the resources website you are looking for.

Templates are available in different designs and formats including Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign. A forum was opened for support.

Visit now!

Posted by: gtemplates | February 19, 2008

Grunge Wall Neon Lights Effects

persuasion persuade photoshop psd template free download edit new neon lights lines grunge wallHello,
Today I’m attempting to persuade you to come back to my site. So here’s a persuasion photoshop template. 🙂
I just love the effects on this one. Click the thumbnail image to see a larger preview and analyze for yourself.
This template has a grunge wall for the background and neon lights and lines that snake over and through the text.
What do you think so far? Any more persuasion needed?

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(Need more persuasion? – template 104 here)

Posted by: gtemplates | February 18, 2008

Flying Over the Clouds – Photoshop Free Template

fly over the clouds flying template photoshop psd free download edit modify gtemplatesDo you feel like flying over the clouds? Then this is the template for you.
It’s a nice Photoshop template, the lighting is interesting, the button with “Go Flying” is actually flying itself, you have text and icons examples which you may replace, you also have a content box ready made if you need it, all over the clouds and with a bright light source behind them.
That’s about it, the more simple – the better, this is an easy one, but it sure looks great. I like it, what about you?

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(Fly over the clouds –
Free Photoshop Template –
Get it here)

Posted by: gtemplates | February 2, 2008

Contest – Hundreds of Entrecard Credits !

What is this about? Join for the opportunity to win hundreds of Entrecard credits and more bonus prizes every week.

I500 Entrecard credits and an article with link to your site on
II250 Entrecard credits
III125 Entrecard credits

TOTAL=875 Entrecard credits/week

This contest will have winners weekly. Here’s your chance to win Entrecard credits, blog links, and the winners will also be eligible to receive any additional prizes like bonus prizes.

How do I enter the contest to get 500 Entrecard credits or more?

1. Get 5 points in this contest each time you write an article/post on your blog about gtemplates and this contest (include a link to this contest article and leave a comment below with the link to your post; I remind you that all comments are followed by the search engine bots – like Google bots – and you will get a backlink from the start).

2. For every 10 Entrecard credits you donate to you will receive 3 points. Don’t forget to email me at with the number of credits and the coupon number so I will know it was you.

3. You will want to subscribe to the rss news feed. This is worth 2 points in the contest.

Your contest position information.

  1. Link to the main page of this blog as well as this contest page.
  2. Your blog post should be at least 250 words.
  3. You may be a weekly winner a maximum of once per month, but there are no limits to how many times you can win.
  4. Spamming or other unwanted tricks will get you disqualified.

That’s it! Are you in?

Posted by: gtemplates | January 29, 2008

And We Have A Winner!

The $15 gtemplates contest has ended! The winner is jimbuhur. His email subscription was valid and his PayPal account was credited with the prize.

No need to worry if you haven’t won this one… There’s another contest coming up in a few days for February.
And it’s going to be BIG. So don’t unsubscribe from the news feed.

It involves hundreds of entrecard credits in prizes and I plan on having more than one winner, but I’m not telling you more about this next contest until the beginning of February. Stick with – Free Photoshop Templates for the More or Less Experienced.

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Posted by: gtemplates | January 28, 2008

Cube Box Free Photoshop Template

cube box template psd photoshop download blue cut fold print lines dotted gtemplates edit modify birthday newspaper template logo magazineAnother box template anyone?
Hi, this is a template specially designed for gift givers. Are you afraid your gift is garbage you say? No problem. Use this box. Download, personalize, print-cut-fold.
Seriously now.
This template pack comes with its inside part too so you’d know where to cut and fold. The dotted lines show where to fold and the continuous lines indicate where to cut. That’s about what you have to do after you print it. Oh, and of course… put a gift or something inside.
If you think your gift is junk, at least use a nice box to put it in. 😉

If you download you may edit the Adobe Photoshop template because it’s fully customizable.

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(Sure it’s free, download the
Cube Box Template – number 102)

Posted by: gtemplates | January 22, 2008

Spring Flowers Postcard, Poster, Flyer, Cover…etc.

photoshop postcard spring season flyer flowers poster cover page web edit free downloadHad enough winter? Here’s a photoshop template for the postcard lovers all around. You may use this as a poster too or a flyer, cover, etc.., but it was mainly thought of as a postcard. That’s why one side has the text up side down, in case you fold in half. Of course those are editable. Easy and free.
If you download you have little flower strings coming out of the glowing sun shape (really looks like the sun, doesn’t it?), some text is glowing as well, light burst from the sun in the background.. all you have to do is replace and edit the text, maybe add some of your spring season stuff on it.
This kinda looks like Hawaiian…Aloha!

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(You can do it, download the spring season
photoshop template – no. 101)

Posted by: gtemplates | January 7, 2008

Party Hat 2 – Celebration!

party hat template psd kids photoshop design rollover cone piramid adobe 3d young children child birthday new yearHello dear visitors.
Since the first party hat template was such a big hit… I thought I should make a second design just to give a choice to downloaders. Other designs like this one will soon follow, don’t worry.
This is a good template for parties, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It’s easy to edit and make it suitable for your needs. It’s great for children. And most important: it’s free!
All you have to do is edit, print, cut and fold. As easy as that.

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You can win the $15 prize at the end of January if you are subscribed.

This template also is the 100th template ever uploaded to for you! So that means you have 99 other templates to choose from and download. Some are good, some are bad, you just take which ones you think are good for you.

(YES! this is template 100 – the party hat 2)

Thank you visitors!
Posted by: gtemplates | January 6, 2008

This Is Our World!

Are you making a difference? Our planet seems increasingly fragile and we should do more to save it.
Here is a free (like the usual) photoshop template for you to make your own and edit as you wish.
Click on the image to see a larger picture and if you like it you can download. The template has nice colors which you can change, you can move and edit the elements, also the text, the effects
I invite you to join the community before you download.

(this is template 99)

Posted by: gtemplates | January 1, 2008

This Winter Is In 3D Mode free photoshop templates, design, winter, 3d mode, editableHere’s a great template for you! The reflection, in my opinion, is just amazing, knowing that it’s automatic: everything you write will take the reflection and the 3D perspective without you having to do anything else.

The background also is made to simulate a larger environment and you may change it’s color easily matching you needs.

This template has three additional panels which can be used for a little bit of content, but they are really just an extra.

Click on the attached image to view and analyze a larger preview, but keep in mind that this is just a low-resolution version.

Thanks to all my loyal visitors and don’t forget: if you haven’t subscribed to my rss news by mail yet… there is a $15 contest that needs a winner at the end of January… Subscribe here (free).

Get the “Winter Is In 3D Mode” free photoshop template.

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