Posted by: gtemplates | August 27, 2007

Magazine cover, page, flyer, poster, brochure, etc. etc.

Hello there! How about a magazine cover or page template? Or a flyer template? Maybe a brochure? Or even a poster? Make this template your own, whichever one of them you choose. There’s a picture preview on this post, but be careful: You’ll be amazed! Got to tell you: If you wanna check out the preview, then leave it some time to load because it’s so large and the quality is so high..
This version of the 64th template(64 of them so far… hurraaay) is based on green and gray on some kind on white gradient background. These colors work great together, don’t you think so?

“You have a few instruction notes inside. Actually, we just got this idea about the little notes to throw in some tips recently and it helps. This makes the template usage easy for those who might not handle photoshop perfectly. Spares us answering so many help mails too… And we had a few… Not bad, but awful lot of extra work for everybody.”

Download this full template here. (this is number 64 on our listings)

Come back tomorrow for some more templates: free and beautiful!

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  1. good……….thanx boz

  2. Thanks, will share it on (fake magazine cover generator) so anyone without PhotoSHop can play with it.

  3. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience — question? I thought this was a Photoshop file. The extension I got when I downloaded it was .ace (how does a Macintosh Photoshop CS4 user) open this file?

    • Hi, did you try something like this software
      Additionally, I’m sure there must be other programs out there that do the same as unacex.

  4. i would like to be in the magazine cover page

  5. Ohh nice it , thak you

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