Posted by: gtemplates | September 2, 2007

Relax – Take It Easy – Don’t Miss It

This is our way of insurance that you get the best out of our site. The old site we don’t upload to anymore is no longer getting the visitors that “the new photoshop psd files site” – is getting.

So thinking about this there are some great items that our new visitors will inevitably miss because they got lost in the archives in which few ever browse anymore.

One example is the “Relax – take it easy” template, it’s very good. We never posted about this one and we should have.

So, about that, download the “relax – take it easy” photoshop psd file here and enjoy.

Of course you can visit the archive post and download from there also. This one is item number 35.

Also here are some of our most viewed on the website:
Newspaper template – Make the front page headlines. Read all about it.
The blue box – product presentation. Great for advertising.
Magazine cover, page, flyer, poster, brochure, etc. etc. In style graphics


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