Posted by: gtemplates | September 4, 2007

Take a London Double Decker Tour

After some observations, we discovered that a lot of our visitors come from London, or England at least, if not London, and we set up a little surprise for them. That’s alright, don’t worry non-London residents, there are enough surprises for everybody.

This bus has editable ads on it’s side. You can attach pictures from your computer on it, or 3D text (you just have to replace or add). It looks like they are made for showing ads around the city. I don’t live in London myself, but I love these double decker things. And we gave you free tickets earlier

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Download this file and insure your ride from here. No finance required!
This is file number 67.

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  1. I found an older model double decker image
    I you want a template ask for it here.

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