Posted by: gtemplates | September 5, 2007

A Friend’s Helping Hand

click for larger previewHi there. I’ve uploaded another download for you today. Sorry for the unwanted delay. This hand image can be used largely in presenting products (you can replace that card I placed there with something you want to promote, just for example) or you can use this for other of your own adobe photoshop needs.

Inside the archive you have a note with instructions, something that’s becoming the usual starting from a few posts back, because it seems to help downloaders cope with the file and chew all the bits and pieces in there.

Click the image on this post for a larger preview, if you want to analyze it.

Get it: The file is available only here. (no. 68)

For supporters: as i was doing a google search i saw that this website’s traffic has increased rapidly, and the pages are climbing the search engines top positions for their category on the internet. There’s only the supporters and loyal site visitors to thank for.

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