Posted by: gtemplates | September 14, 2007

New Site Layout? How About It?

I’m sure you have noticed the new site template I’m using. I don’t know if it works well, so I’m just going to leave it a few days to see how it acts. Did you like the old one better? I think it was rather cluttered like a visitor said… and this one is less complicated. Well I’m going to decide on Monday if I leave this one on or not.
You can tell me your opinion, I won’t mind, I’m actually glad if you do so.

In the mean time, help yourself and download all the photoshop psd templates you like from this website, because they’re all free. I hope I meet most standards in design. For those with more in mind I can make unique on demand graphics if you ask me to.
That’s it for now, I’m working on the next template for you. And guess what: It’s going to be free!

Also here are some of the most viewed and downloaded free photoshop psd templates:
Newspaper template – Make the front page headlines. Read all about it.
The blue box – product presentation. A template for advertising.
Magazine cover, page, flyer, poster, brochure, etc. etc. In style graphics


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