Posted by: gtemplates | September 22, 2007

Is Your Life Sweet Enough? Chocolate invitation, card, cover, poster, etc..

chocolate photoshop psd templateChocolate Candy Photoshop Psd Template! Another great free template if you ask me. I’m already sure that this is going to be one of the favorites around here.
The heart shaped little chocolates we all know could sweeten your life a bit.
This Photoshop Psd Template is actually brilliant as an invitation, card, some cover if you like, a poster… etc… And of course you can personalize it after your own needs. With a little bit of editing from your side this could absolutely be a beautiful thing, depending on what you use it for.
Personally, I would use this as a personalized Valentine’s Day Card, but there are plenty more other uses I can think about when I see this template.
And I love the colors, looks real… I could eat them…
Click the image to view a larger one and analyze it.

Download first, discuss later…

This is Photoshop Psd Template number 76 and you can DOWNLOAD from here.

I’ll have to thank Ben for the idea to use chocolates.

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