Posted by: gtemplates | September 25, 2007

About Me

It’s about time I wrote a few things about me, so you could know who you’re dealing with. First of all my name is Victor. I started this blog on 20.07.2007 and have received a visibly growing number of visitors during the period of activity -which is about three months now- and every week reaching a record level. (I’m tracking it!)

VictorMy goal is to give away some of my best work to visitors, which, I can be almost certain, can find a good use for it and also to those who need my help. I’m absolutely sure there are numerous people that are better and more skilled than I am (my sincere appreciations to them), but few of them ever share their work with others like I chose to do. (I provide “editable” templates)

What you find on this blog will be free -and there’s no catch to this- absolutely free photoshop psd templates – flyers, posters, covers, brochures, pages, logos, cards, and other designs for you to use in whatever situation you can use them in.

I try to upload constantly, but I hope you understand that this isn’t your regular blog where I just have to write something and throw in a title to it…
I have to build the templates, so more work takes longer… Give me some time and I assure you that you’ll find the template you’re looking for sometime soon.

Alright, that’s about it. Visit me daily, you never know what else could be waiting for you in here the next day you waltz in. I do the hard work, so you don’t have to anymore. Thanks, Victor.

Feel free to contact me at

Also here are some of the most viewed and downloaded Free Photoshop Psd Templates:
Text splash. Drops in whithout shame and splashes you.
Get your ticket to ride. Otherwise you’re not in.
Magazine cover, page, flyer, poster, brochure, etc. etc. In style graphic template.


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