Posted by: gtemplates | October 15, 2007

Text On Fabric – Takes The Shape Of The Farbic Under It

fabric material distort text mold contour shape crippled crumpled bend displace flag bed redFirst of all I have to tell you: This is one of my favorites! I love it.
Today I just wanted to try if I could make text to take the shape of the fabric beneath it and still be editable… And it somehow worked!
The design is pretty simple to make, but looks very complex in the end.
Try it yourself if you want. It’s free.
You can play with the colors and the shapes to make it more of your likings. I also included in the package the piece of fabric (it’s just like the red fabric in the background, only that it’s desaturated, so black and white) I used to displace the text, just in case you need it to distort something else.

Thats about it for this one, use it with confidence, because I’m giving it away for free! You have more instructions inside the Photoshop Template

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Take the Text Fabric Photoshop Psd Template from here.

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  1. wow this template is jst wow

  2. It is! I think so too. Thanks.
    I recently found out it’s a bit tricky to use it if you’re modifying more than just the text (like if you’re putting an image on it). If you need my help just ask.

  3. ohh i dint try dose yet 😀 hey i edited it 😀
    hws it ? changed the font n text.

  4. Looks great! try and make it bigger.. maybe it’s more visible that way…

  5. Just want to say that I just met your site and WOW! You’re the man! Thank you so much for the free templates. I’m really learning a lot with you. Tks again!

  6. This is amazing! Keep them coming!

  7. Do you have this in an archive format that can be decompressed on a Mac, such as a .zip or stuffit file?

  8. Hello,
    Thank you all for your interest and support!
    Please visit the new website at

    To find solutions for your design and templates problems, try the gtemplates forum.

    The address is:

    Feel free to write your own articles containing questions or comments in the forum. It’s free.


  9. Victor,

    I’m still unable to unarchive on a Mac.

    Neither of the solutions in the forum post you sent worked. The MacRAR solution you suggested seems to be for the classic environment, and Unarchiver simply gave a generic fail message that the contents could not be extracted with this program.

    Could you please offer this in a .zip format that would be easier to unarchive on a mac?

    Many thanks.

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