Posted by: gtemplates | January 7, 2008

Party Hat 2 – Celebration!

party hat template psd kids photoshop design rollover cone piramid adobe 3d young children child birthday new yearHello dear visitors.
Since the first party hat template was such a big hit… I thought I should make a second design just to give a choice to downloaders. Other designs like this one will soon follow, don’t worry.
This is a good template for parties, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It’s easy to edit and make it suitable for your needs. It’s great for children. And most important: it’s free!
All you have to do is edit, print, cut and fold. As easy as that.

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You can win the $15 prize at the end of January if you are subscribed.

This template also is the 100th template ever uploaded to for you! So that means you have 99 other templates to choose from and download. Some are good, some are bad, you just take which ones you think are good for you.

(YES! this is template 100 – the party hat 2)

Thank you visitors!

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