Posted by: gtemplates | January 22, 2008

Spring Flowers Postcard, Poster, Flyer, Cover…etc.

photoshop postcard spring season flyer flowers poster cover page web edit free downloadHad enough winter? Here’s a photoshop template for the postcard lovers all around. You may use this as a poster too or a flyer, cover, etc.., but it was mainly thought of as a postcard. That’s why one side has the text up side down, in case you fold in half. Of course those are editable. Easy and free.
If you download you have little flower strings coming out of the glowing sun shape (really looks like the sun, doesn’t it?), some text is glowing as well, light burst from the sun in the background.. all you have to do is replace and edit the text, maybe add some of your spring season stuff on it.
This kinda looks like Hawaiian…Aloha!

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(You can do it, download the spring season
photoshop template – no. 101)


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