Posted by: gtemplates | February 2, 2008

Contest – Hundreds of Entrecard Credits !

What is this about? Join for the opportunity to win hundreds of Entrecard credits and more bonus prizes every week.

I500 Entrecard credits and an article with link to your site on
II250 Entrecard credits
III125 Entrecard credits

TOTAL=875 Entrecard credits/week

This contest will have winners weekly. Here’s your chance to win Entrecard credits, blog links, and the winners will also be eligible to receive any additional prizes like bonus prizes.

How do I enter the contest to get 500 Entrecard credits or more?

1. Get 5 points in this contest each time you write an article/post on your blog about gtemplates and this contest (include a link to this contest article and leave a comment below with the link to your post; I remind you that all comments are followed by the search engine bots – like Google bots – and you will get a backlink from the start).

2. For every 10 Entrecard credits you donate to you will receive 3 points. Don’t forget to email me at with the number of credits and the coupon number so I will know it was you.

3. You will want to subscribe to the rss news feed. This is worth 2 points in the contest.

Your contest position information.

  1. Link to the main page of this blog as well as this contest page.
  2. Your blog post should be at least 250 words.
  3. You may be a weekly winner a maximum of once per month, but there are no limits to how many times you can win.
  4. Spamming or other unwanted tricks will get you disqualified.

That’s it! Are you in?



  1. Count me in! I have subscribed to your RSS through email.


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