Posted by: gtemplates | October 1, 2007

Newspaper Template 2.0 – Redesigning The News – Free Newspaper Template

new news newspaper template paper write news paper 2 first page front cover second


Who wants a new free newspaper template? I have recently been asked by Cindy, a school teacher if there is a free newspaper template she can use to type up her class’ articles to make their own newspaper.
I actually wanted to make one of these a while ago and a few days earlier, that Cindy asked, I made it one of my top priorities.
And here you have it: it’s made of two components. Two Psd templates. One is the front page, first page or the cover (call it whatever you like), and the second is a template for the other pages.

Feel free to move the articles and items around. If not… just replace the text and the pictures and you’re ready to print it.second page new news newspaper template other pages download free
Don’t forget to copy the font I used for the title in your “C:\Windows\Fonts” folder first for it to work and load properly in Photoshop.
This template has the content defining lines for more readability and the titles are written in bold letters.

This is my second template of this type, the first was kind of a photo manipulation and not suitable for printing like this one is.

If you want to get an email from me when I write something new register here.

Are you ready to make your own news? Then download the Newspaper psd template free from here.

An older version of this kind of template is newspaper template – make the front page, like I mentioned above.


Also here are some of the most viewed and downloaded Free Photoshop Psd Templates from the old website:
Text splash. Drops in whithout shame and splashes you.
Get your ticket to ride. Otherwise you’re not in.
Magazine cover, page, flyer, poster, brochure, etc. etc. In style graphic template.



  1. How do i download the template on word in order to put in my text?

    • http:/ has nice newspaper templates for Microsoft Word

  2. well this is a photoshop psd template, so you need photoshop to open the file and edit the text.
    I’m pretty sure it won’t work in Microsoft Word, if that’s what you mean…

  3. I’ve download it but I cant seem to edit the text with photoshop cs. Anybody knows what’s wrong? Thank u

  4. Does this article help?

  5. Victor,

    Your template is nice, but no way to edit stuff. There are just layers but you have no option to edit the layers. Maybe it is because I have an older version of Photoshop (5.5).

  6. Yes, I guess that you need a newer version of photoshop.

  7. Thank you so much I love the template!!!

  8. im not sure how to do this can someone help me out.?

  9. Try this page:

  10. SWEAT

  11. thanks a lot for the template.. it was a big help!

  12. Hi.

    You say: “Don’t forget to copy the font I used for the title in your “C:\Windows\Fonts” folder first for it to work and load properly in Photoshop.” Does that mean the fonts can’t be changed?

    I have Photoshop Elements. Any good for this purpose?

    I await your replies with much interest.


    • Hello James,
      Not at all. You can change the fonts to whatever you wish. You would have to copy the font to that folder only if you want to see the design as I made it, otherwise the program will just replace it automatically and maybe it will look deformed. Hope this answers your questions.

  13. I’m trying to find a newspaper type template to uses for my family news letter that I email each month. Is this capable of being emailed? Please let me know, thank you. Bren

    • How about some Microsoft Word newspaper templates from
      You may find other formats there as well.

  14. Very good templates, I appreciate them.
    Thank you guys….

  15. can I use this with open office or do I have to have microsoft word?

    • No, this only works in Photoshop. If you require newspaper templates for word, try this website

  16. Wowee Zowee

  17. i already downloaded the template how do i right on it

  18. Do you have a tmeplate that can be used like this, with comments on the articles, like a blog?

  19. I wanna to know using best of formats of writting a good and interesting news letter please tell me howcan i prepare this \
    thank you very much

  20. How do you get this to work? I’m confused… but really need one for my final paper asap. Help, pleaseee!:)

  21. Hi,
    Where i can download this free template? Thank you.

  22. I want to download a news page template………….

  23. What font is the Newspaper title?

  24. It’s a great template, but when I uploaded it, I only got page 2. Why?

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